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American University Park Homes and Condos for Sale

American University Park harbors its eponymous university and has a self-contained campus feel of its own. It attracts Washington residents from a variety of disciplines who appreciate its shady tree-lined streets, tight neighborhood bonds, and easy access to the arts, culture, and commerce of the city. There’s access to public transportation like the metro and bus. Excellent environment for successful family lifestyle, close to Georgetown and Chevy Chase, Maryland and DC. 


Familiar faces and urban tranquility creates a sense of peace.

Although the place is mostly residential, lined with tree-shaded sidewalks and picket fences, this neighborhood has various restaurants, shops, and a Whole Foods. American University Park offers a serene and friendly community, with all the quiet of the suburbs and easy access to public transit, being convenient to Tenleytown Metro for commuting to work.  The neighborhood’s stock of Colonials and bungalows is built close together with front porches and interconnected front yards.


Being familiar with and like your neighbors.

The area has a peaceful, community-oriented vibe that's ideal for families, with urban amenities a stroll or quick Metro ride away. This nice neighborhood in Northwest DC is home to the prestigious American University. The campus is fantastic for jogging, picnics, and even walking the dog. However, it is an extremely expensive neighborhood but, if you can afford it, it's home to Washington's elite.

This community is known for its friendliness and sense of connection, drawing residents together. The local way of life is cultivated by history as many families have lived together for generations, always accepting new neighbors. There is a  super-educated, super-engaged population that keeps up with local, and even hyper-local, politics.

American University Park DC real estate


Strong nightlife.

Homes at AU Park can be quite small and traditional, but many have been expanded and updated. There are no driveways or large yards, but street parking is convenient and the entire residential neighborhood is a great playground for the kids. The hustle and bustle you'd expect from the nearby college are nowhere to be found in this quaint area.

The neighborhood provides an ideal balance of convenience and cultural amenities with laidback residential calm. The area is known for its friendliness and community-orientated events. Do not expect a lively nightlife. 


Small, architecturally appealing homes built close together.

Although shopping zones lie to the northeast and southwest, the center of AU Park is completely free of commerce. It consists simply of street after street of well-manicured lawns and cute homes that are linked by back alleys. About three-quarters of the houses are center hall Colonials, keeping a uniform style.

These days, the average property goes for close to $1 million, though smaller homes that haven’t been recently renovated might sell for $750,000 or $800,000.


The lack of pretension and warm atmosphere.

With friendly neighbors and a cozy urban feel, this community is of a kind. Called “The District’s Best Kept Secret,” American University Park is one of D.C.’s most appealing neighborhoods. Built around the acclaimed American University, this community has taken on an endearing character of its own. A serene atmosphere, strong community ties with smiling faces, an easy access to amenities, dream home and family favorite are the eye-catching aspects of this picturesque area.

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